100,000 Common Services Centres Building a Rural Services Delivery Channel .

A Dream project ready to get launched in J&K State.
Few months back J&K Bank has entered into a ‘Service Center Agency’ (SCA) tie-up with J&K government for setting up 1109 IT Kiosks in the state. The Kiosks, set up on a Franchiser-Franchisee basis, will act as Common Service Centers (CSC) for delivery of G2C (Government to Customer) and B2C (Business to Customer) services including financial services in all the rural areas of the state. The centers shall be Set here in J&K under name “KHIDMAT CENTRE” and run by Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) identified through a comprehensive selection process made by J&K Bank. This prestigious project will help the Bank in extending its services at the door-step in all the 22 districts of the state.

               The Common Services Centres Scheme

• Part of the National e-Governance Plan
• Budgetary allocation of over Rs.27,000 crores for enabling e-
  Governance Services to the doorstep of rural citizens
• National e-Governance Plan envisages a three pillar model:
• State Data Centres Back-end
• State Wide Area Networks Delivery Channel
• Common Services Centres Front-end
• 100,000 Common Services Centres to be rolled out by 2008-09-  10

                               About the Scheme

• 100,000 Common Services Centers in Rural India - 10,000 in
   Urban India
• One CSC to service a cluster of 6 villages – 6,00,000 villages
• CSCs enabled with appropriate IT Infrastructure and    

• Focus on Rural Entrepreneurship &Market Mechanisms
• Focus on Private Sector services for quick sustainability
• CSCs to be positioned as the retail extension outlets in rural   
• No Capital Subsidy but Guaranteed Revenue Support from   
                               CSC Infrastructure

• 100 – 150 sq. ft space

• 2-5 PCs/Laptops

• Mobile Phone

• 2 Printers (Inkjet + Dotmatrix)

• Digital/Web Camera

• Wireless Connectivity

• Genset/Inverter/UPS, Furniture and Fixtures

• Biometric Devices

                               CSC Services

Government Services –G2C
Land Records
Birth/Death Certificates Grievances
Form downloads and submissions
Bill payments –water, electricity, telecom, etc.

Licenses, permits, subsidies

Property Tax and Registration

Bus pass, Railway tickets, Passport, etc.

Business to Business – B2B/G2B
Market Research, Surveys, Data Collection
Rural BPO Services (Data Collection, Digitalization, etc.)
Advertising, Branding and Promotions

Business to Consumer Services - B2C

IT services (Printing, Scanning, DTP, web surfing, etc.)

Agri-business services (consulting, procurement, etc.)

Banking and Financial Services (Loans, Deposits, etc.)

Telecom Services (PCO, phone sales, etc.)

Commercial Services (Matrimonial, Astrology, Bio-data, etc.)

Retail Sales & Referrals (Farm Inputs, Vehicles, etc.)

Education Services (IT Training, English Speaking, etc.)

Health (Tele-medicine, OTC medicines, etc.)

eCommerce (Online shopping, Trading, etc.)

                    Common Services Centre Scheme

• The CSCs are an attempt to empower entrepreneurial
   skills with the power of technology
• Hence, the Scheme is being deliberately positioned as a
   multi-dimensional initiative

• Not just e-governance; Not just information; Not just digital
   services but all that and more based on the Community needs.
• The Scheme is not about rolling out IT Kiosks but
   building 100,000 micro-businesses in rural India

                         SCAs Selected Across States